CHAP Coordinator Instructor – Kotzebue, Alaska


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Title:  CHAP Coordinator Instructor

Position Summary:  Under the direction of the CHAP Program Manager and the clinical oversight of the Medical Director, is responsible for improving the quality of patient encounters at village clinics through training and clinical supervision of Maniilaq CHAPs.  Facilitates teamwork throughout the CHAP Program with particular attention to assigned villages.  Also facilitates positive interaction between each clinic team and their customer/suppliers.  Participates with multi-disciplinary work teams.  Travels to villages.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

1.         Maintains contact with assigned village clinics.  Models exemplary behavior and communicates/interacts with community members regarding clinic issues as necessary.

2.         Regularly travels to villages to accomplish training and support activities.

3.         Reviews CHAP patient encounter forms (PEFs) and electronic medical record entries. Monitors thoroughness of documentation and practices within scope of practice and correct use of standing orders (SOs).

4.         Participates in CHAP service team plan: including planning, monitoring, and data collection.

5.         Participates in multi disciplinary work teams.

6.         Responsible for CHA/P preceptorships, credentialing, re-credentialing, re-entry, and other education and help maintain CHAP Certification.

7.         Responsible for one or more of these activities to be divided among Coordinator/Instructors:

a)         Develops training curricula as needed and delivers courses for CME.

b)         Maintains training files  (CMEs) for all CHAP employees.

c)         Maintains clinical-visit files for all clinics.

8.         Maintains clinical proficiency and Maniilaq Medical Staff privileges pursuant to standards for mid-level practitioners.

9.         Works as assigned in outpatient clinic at Maniilaq Health Center.

10.       Participates in Medical Staff activities.

11.       May participate in statewide CHAP Program efforts that affect Maniilaq CHP’s, on one or more of the following:

a)         Academic Review Committee (ARC).

b)         CHAM Revision Committee.

c)         CHAP Training Center Review & Approval Committee (RAC).

12.       Performs on-call duties as needed.

Qualifications:  Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner with appropriate licensure and four (4) years of clinical experience as a PA or NP.  Experience with CHAP Program preferred.  Teaching experience preferred.  Knowledge of Inupiaq culture, language, and customs preferred.  Must be innovative and open to new ideas. Have a positive outlook and be able to interact with a diverse group of customers/suppliers. Dependable, open, honest, willing to take that extra minute to give feedback in a warm and caring way.  Willing to participate in ongoing improvement processes.  Willing to travel regularly to remote villages.

 Contact:  ANTHC Statewide Recruiting  –  1-800-528-6680