Interventional Pain Management Physician, Soldotna, Alaska

The Family Medical Clinic in Soldotna, Alaska is now hiring for an interventional pain management physician specializing in interventional spine & joint treatments.

We are offering standard office hours, only bread & butter procedures, no implants nor exotics, nothing complicated, no opioid management, no holiday hours and no call duty!

The clinic is seeking a pain management physician specialized in interventional spine and joint procedures (pain management specialist, anesthesiologist, PM&R or neurologist, pain management fellowship is a plus) who can provide evaluations & treatments at our office. We are flexible with what you are looking for in hours. Full time? part time? Willing to discuss working around a current schedule that you are keeping now.

This position has so much to offer a professional such as you:

  • no prescription management needed, this is a procedure & therapy facility
  • only bread & butter procedures like ESIs, facets, peripheral joint blocks and similar (nothing “exotic”)
  • only healthy outpatients, mostly discogenic pain and similar
  • standard office hours (Monday–Friday, 9am–6pm);
  • no on  call hours

Our established office has a history of success, treating patients with pain related to musculoskeletal disorders.  The typical patient is healthy but has a joint or disc-related condition that has caused them acute or chronic pain. The pain management physician will need to perform a complete medical evaluation and order any diagnostic tests that may be necessary.  All procedures will be performed in our office on an outpatient basis under fluoroscopy or ultrasound guidance and preferably without sedation.  After the patient’s pain is under control, they then are able to participate fully in any rehabilitative therapies that may be called for, which are also available at the same office.

Our team of professionally trained staff is there to assist with patients, documentation, notes, billing and any other assistance necessary for a smooth workflow. The clinic and its staff are under professional management, and everyone works very well together, making for a friendly yet efficient place to work.

This position is the type of job that rarely comes along, with the perfect blend of competitive pay, flexible work hours, and a great work environment.

If you believe that you may be the right person to fill this role, please contact Laura in Human Resources 888-701/6988 ext  3 Email Resume to 

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