Physician Perspectives

Dr. Richard Hattan

“I have been practicing Radiology in Fairbanks for the past 27 years and have had a wonderful professional career in Fairbanks. As a community owned facility, the hospital has always made it a priority to address the medical needs of this community. In order to meet these needs, the hospital has been very supportive of the Imaging Department and has provided us with state of the art equipment far beyond what would usually be found in most small community hospitals. This support has tremendously enhanced my professional life and has helped us attract excellent physicians into our practice.

My wife and I have enjoyed our lives in Fairbanks and have had many opportunities for outdoor adventures that are simply unavailable any where else in the US. Our children went to the public schools in Fairbanks and received an excellent education.  Both of our children have gone on to college and professional schools and are very successful in their chosen careers. Our children have fond memories of their lives in Alaska and I believe have been enriched by the time they spent in Fairbanks.” Dr. Richard Hattan