Why Alaska?

Dr. Robert Onders, Kodiak Area Native Association:

Why Alaska?“In Alaska, we can practice Family Medicine at the full level of our training. Full spectrum Family Medicine, from birth to death, is still the norm. Long term physician patient relationships (and the whole family) are still possible and highly valued.”

Dr. Daniel F. Reynolds, Family Medicine Physician Center, TCC Medical Director, Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center:


Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center

“Alaska is a place that people go on vacation because it is so amazing. Every day when I drive home from work I feel like I am on vacation. The best hiking, camping, hunting and fishing is all available right outside your door. Salmon fishing is one of the greatest experiences for a sport fisherman. With our extended daylight the summer nights provide opportunities to explore and do all these activities even after a long work day. Where else can you go to a baseball game in the middle of the night that is not played under lights? During the summer you can golf 24 hours in a row under daylight conditions. The equinox marathon is a one of the more difficult marathons in the nation but exhilarating at the same time. The medical community is tight knit with providers looking out for each other. The people you will work with are independent and excited to be living where they are living. Here at Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center we have the nicest facility in the nation. The artwork that is present is museum quality and representative of the Alaska Native culture. Our providers have the opportunity of working in interior Alaska’s villages which are accessible only by boat or airplane. Alaska is an amazing place to live.”

Dr. Sam Kim, ENT Physician, ENT Clinic, Fairbanks:

“We love the small town feel of Fairbanks, while still being a short plane ride away from Anchorage or Seattle. We love that Fairbanks has such great opportunities for our kids–education is solid and the traditional public schools are great. There are three elementary charter schools that people rave about. The private schools offer a smaller class room size for those interested. All have fantastic educational resources for children. Beyond that, the amount of extra-curricular activities that is available is impressive especially when you consider the small town size of Fairbanks: everything from Suzuki musical lessons to mixed martial arts is available for our kids.”

Dr. Laura Brunner, Pediatrician, Tanana Valley Clinic, Fairbanks:

“Practicing in Alaska allows me the unique opportunity to practice complicated medicine and work with great partners and staff. It also allows me to spend my time off hiking in Denali Park or salmon fishing in the Copper River with my family. It is a great combination.”