Why Alaska Physician Jobs Exist

  • To save you time
  • To offer you a statewide selection of Alaska Physician Jobs
  • To provide Alaska hospitals, clinics & private practices a centralized, efficient recruitment tool
  • To put you in touch with local staff recruiters who live and work here
  • To create a professional yet cost effective online presence to market Alaskan healthcare
  • To provide our member facilities access to the best physicians


  • If I am currently employed will you maintain my confidential inquiry?

    • Yes absolutely! We will protect your privacy and only share information when we have your permission.
  • What is it like to live in Alaska?
    • It is great! But a more honest and realistic answer will be had once you talk with locals in the towns and cities you are considering. Alaska is so vast it has a variety of climates and regions.
  • Where is Alaska Physician Jobs located?
    • We were started in Fairbanks, have previously been staffed in Anchorage and Juneau and are now back in Fairbanks. We network with hospitals, clinics and healthcare organizations across all of Alaska and offer both urban and rural perspectives, contacts and opportunities.
  • How was the statewide recruitment network created?
    • A hospital in Fairbanks started working collaboratively in their community with clinics and private practice physicians. Then they researched state and regional recruitment and saw success stories around the country which convinced them that offering a central site is super convenient for inquiring physicians and the collaborative approach makes sense strategically for building an online presence.

We help physicians find the best jobs while helping Alaska find the best physicians.


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